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AudiaFLEX 2-channel POTS telephone interface card

Model: AudiaFLEX TI-2

Part #: 0193.900

  • Initiate outgoing calls including:
  • DTMF tone dialing
  • speed-dialing
  • redial
  • flash
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TI-2 dual-channel Telephone Interface Cards allow AudiaFLEX to connect directly to standard analog lines. Being more than just a normal 'hybrid', each channel of the TI-2 includes line-echo cancellation, noise suppression, caller ID decoding, ring detection/validation, DTMF tone dialing, DTMF decoding, and call progress tone decoding.

Used in conjunction with AEC-2HD Acoustic Echo Cancellation Cards, the TI-2 makes AudiaFLEX the most powerful, flexible, and affordable telephone conferencing product available. The TI-2 also allows AudiaFLEX to respond to DTMF control commands such as preset recalls from any telephone system.

The TI-2 can be used for audio input-only applications such as paging access; or for audio output-only applications such as broadcast feeds and remote system monitoring. Up to twelve TI-2 Telephone Interface Cards can be installed into a single AudiaFLEX unit.
  • Initiate outgoing calls including:
  • DTMF tone dialing
  • speed-dialing
  • redial
  • flash
  • detect and answer incoming calls
  • line echo cancellation
  • TouchTone™ decoding
  • caller ID reception
  • call progress detection
  • line intrusion detection
  • noise suppression filter
  • continuous Line Status and Fault Monitoring
  • can be controlled by:
  • commands from external control systems
  • control dialog boxes within Audia software
  • logic control from within Audia or RCB devices
  • extensive customization options and parameters
  • RoHS compliance and AES grounding practices covered by Biamp Systems' five-year warranty
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