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RapcoHorizon IL-3 (Isolation Box Pin 3 Hot)

Model: IL-3

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The Isoline interface boxes provide quality 1:1 line-level output transformers for applications requiring a high degree of electrical isolation only transformers can provide. Uses include: servo balancing, breaking ground loops between pieces of equipment with unbalanced lines, floating the unbalanced outputs of a crossover unit or an unbalanced mixer output that must run down long cables to power amp inputs. Transformer isolation in any such situation should minimize interference from radio transmitters, lighting dimmers and 60hz AC power wiring and help "goof-proof" sound systems and installations from improper connections or faulty conditions. It features a 1/4 inch input (can be used balanced or unbalanced), a 1/4 inch loop out with an XLR male output, a ground lift switch for buzz-free operation in almost any environment and an 18 gauge formed steel box. The connectors and switch are recessed to resist damage. The IL-3 is wired with a pin 3 hot XLR.
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