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Serving professional communication needs worldwide since 1976, Williams AV offers digital, FM, infrared and induction loop wireless audio, as well as video annotation and presentation systems. Our products are used in an array of commercial applications, including hearing assistance, language interpretation, tour, corporate, education, government and house of worship.

Model: WF T8

WaveCAST Eight is the new, multi-channel Wi-Fi assistive listening platform designed for larger assistive listening applications -- providing the ability to link four WaveCAST Eight units for expansio
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Williams AV Releases WaveCAST 8 Multi-Channel Wi-Fi Assistive Listening Platform
Posted on Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Williams AV Releases WaveCAST 8 Multi-Channel Wi-Fi Assistive Listening Platform

Williams AV announces the launch of the WaveCAST 8 multi-channel Wi-Fi assisted listening platform designed for use in larger assistive listening applications requiring up to 32 channels.
The latest addition to the WaveCAST family was designed for larger pro-audio applications where high-quality sound is required from streaming multichannel audio in real-time to smartphones and/or tablets. Built on a hardware-based DSP audio system architecture, WaveCAST 8 ensures system optimization to achieve the highest quality experience for the particular audio stream being delivered. Optimized for hearing loss, WaveCAST 8 provides clear speech intelligibility, musical detail and high-fidelity playback. Custom presets can also be established for specific performance applications.
The WaveCAST Series is the first-ever ADA compliant Wi-Fi assisted listening system for users who prefer not to install the WaveCAST Listening App on their personal devices or for those who what to have dedicated receivers available through ADA compliance. Easy to use, it offers a digital display and touch-screen channel selection that automatically selects the available channels and dynamically displays them on the screen.
“Williams Sound will always be about assistive listening and audio products,” says CEO and president, Rob Sheeley. “We continue to be very focused on leading the assistive listening marketplace with our growing selection of Wi-Fi assistive listening systems – the latest WaveCAST 8.”
WaveCAST 8 supports multicast network configurations. Up to four WaveCAST 8 systems can be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to provide multiple listening channels – supporting up to 1500+ users in multicast mode. A new WaveCAST app provides an easy-to-user, intuitive user interface and is available on iOS or Android. Listeners can easily select channel and volume level once connected to the network.