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Garaia's Innovation Pole facilitates collaboration and corporate innovation through Cisco TelePresence
Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2012

 Madrid, 17 May 2012 – Cisco has announced that the Garaia Innovation Centre, situated in Mondragón, belonging to the Network of Technological Parks of Euskadi and the APTE (Association of Technological Parks of Spain), has inaugurated the first public telepresence room in Spain within the private sector, based on the Cisco TelePresence® platform, which will allow the businesses of Euskadi to connect with partners, clients and suppliers located anywhere in the world. The activity of the Garaia Centre is totally oriented to R&D businesses, universities and technological centre, promoting an innovative culture and acting as a meeting point.

This new service of the park, in pay-as-you-go format, is open to the entire corporate fabric of the Basque Country, with particular attention to organisations active in the four technological parks of the community (Zamudio, Miramón, Miñano and the Garaia Centre), and has a clear objective to thrust the corporate activity forward.

This service was put into action today by means of a virtual meeting that made it possible to connect interlocutors located in the Garaia head office (Mondragón) with the Cisco offices in Madrid, London and Shangai (China). The participants held a face-to-face conversation with high-quality sound and high-definition video equipment, in an uninterrupted experience of total immersion.

Major keys of the announcements

  • The Cisco TelePresence platform, which uses Garaia's IP network, re-creates meeting rooms, thus bringing together participants located far from each other in a real way, as though they are actually present in the same place, which gives important benefits:
  • The organisation of the meetings is as simple as making a phone call, and the controls of the room are totally transparent and intuitive.
  • Innovative ‘plug and play' collaboration tools can be used, with the possibility to record the session on high-quality video or share a PC desk situated on the other side of the world by means of the Cisco WebEx® tool.
  • Participants can be connected with up to 48 locations at the same meeting.
  • Unitronics was the Cisco Gold Certified Partner in charge of integration at the Garaia head office of the Cisco TelePresence System 3000, designed for a room of up to six seats with all the equipment (including network sockets, data and supply in the table).
  • This system -consisting of three 65-inch plasma screens- offers high-definition video resolution (1080p) and high-quality audio, as well as advanced connectors based on standard that give great flexibility and integration with telepresence rooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms and applications for education and telemedicine.
  • Unitronics will also be in charge of supporting, updating and maintaining the Cisco TelePresence system, as well as dealing with monitoring and technical support.
  • The head offices of Garaia and the Cisco offices in Madrid, London and Shangai (China) have been connected through the network of Tata Communications and the Intercompany Cisco TelePresence service based on the