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PTZOptics provides high-quality video conferencing and broadcast cameras with HDMI, HD-SDI, USB 3.0 and IP Streaming. Our approach to video camera manufacturing focuses on value. We strive to provide best in class features at affordable prices while we extend our reach with open source camera controls, free Crestron/Extron programming modules, and amazing technical support.


The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack3 streamlines high-quality conference and lecture productions without a camera operator. It offers automatic motion tracking up to 55ft, 20X zoom in 1080p at 60fps, 270° rota
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PTZOptics PTZ Camera Auto Tracking Setup
Posted on Monday, December 11, 2023
PTZOptics PTZ Camera Auto Tracking Setup

Learn about all the Auto-Tracking Options for PTZOptics Cameras

Dec. 11, 2023 - In the dynamic world of video production and live streaming, PTZOptics has once again set the bar high with their latest line of PTZ cameras: the Move SE, Move 4K, and Link 4K. These advanced cameras are revolutionizing how professionals and enthusiasts alike capture video by introducing built-in auto-tracking capabilities. This feature is a game-changer, enabling the cameras to automatically follow a subject on stage or on camera, leveraging their robotic pan, tilt, and zoom functions.

PTZOptics new PTZ cameras (Move SE, Move 4K and Link 4K) cameras feature built-in auto-tracking. This allows you to automatically follow a subject on stage or on camera with the PTZ cameras robotic pan, tilt and zoom functions. The new PTZOptics cameras feature built-in computer vision processing capabilities which allow the cameras to automatically track a subject without the need for additional software.

One of the standout features of the Move SE, Move 4K, and Link 4K models is their built-in computer vision processing capabilities. This technology enables the cameras to intelligently track a subject, a feature that traditionally required additional, often expensive, software solutions. Now, with PTZOptics’ innovative approach, the cameras themselves can analyze visual data in real time and make smart decisions about how and when to move, ensuring that the subject is always captured optimally.

Auto-Tracking Control Options

PTZOptics cameras offer auto-tracking controls that can be used to fine tune the automatic PTZ movements. For example, you can set up the camera to automatically start auto-tracking in a specific area of your space OR in the space that it currently is in using the “Track Now” option. Additionally, you can choose how you would like to start auto-tracking. Users can start auto-tracking with the IR remote control, an IP connected PTZ joystick controller, or the cameras web-interface. 

Methods to Initiate Auto-Tracking: PTZOptics cameras offer multiple ways to start the auto-tracking feature, catering to various user preferences and setups:

  • IR Remote Control: For those who prefer a hands-on approach, the IR remote control provides a straightforward way to initiate auto-tracking. This method is ideal for users who are in close proximity to the camera and need to start tracking quickly.
  • IP Connected PTZ Joystick Controller: For a more integrated setup, users can employ an IP-connected PTZ joystick controller. This method offers more precision and is suitable for setups where the camera is being managed alongside other AV equipment, often in a control room or similar environment.
  • Camera’s Web Interface: The web interface of the camera offers the most versatile control, allowing users to start auto-tracking from virtually anywhere, as long as they have internet access. This method is ideal for remote operators or situations where physical access to the camera or a joystick controller is limited.

Each of these control methods offers its unique advantages, and the choice largely depends on the specific requirements of the event or production. By providing these diverse options, PTZOptics ensures that users can engage with their cameras in the way that best suits their workflow.

Understanding and utilizing these control options effectively can greatly enhance the auto-tracking experience. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the specific features and capabilities of the PTZOptics Move SE, Move 4K, and Link 4K models, and how to optimize their use for different tracking scenarios.

PTZOptics Presenter Lock

In the world of live production and event coverage, staying focused on the main presenter is crucial, no matter the complexity of the scene. The PTZOptics MOVE 4K camera rises to this challenge with its advanced Presenter Lock™ technology. This feature represents a significant leap in auto-tracking functionality, offering unparalleled control and precision in tracking subjects.

1. Advanced Subject Locking Capabilities: The MOVE 4K’s Presenter Lock™ technology is designed to lock onto a specific individual, maintaining focus on them even in a crowded or dynamic environment. This is particularly advantageous in situations where multiple people are in the frame, such as conferences, educational settings, or live events. The camera can lock onto a presenter from distances of up to 300 feet, ensuring that the main subject remains in sharp focus, regardless of their movement or the movement of others around them.

2. Seamless Switching Between Presenters: One of the standout features of the MOVE 4K is the ease with which users can switch focus between different presenters. With just a simple click of a button, the camera can transition its focus from one speaker to another, making it ideal for events with multiple speakers or performers. This seamless switching capability not only adds a professional touch to live productions but also greatly simplifies the task of the operator.

3. User-Friendly Interface with In-Depth Tutorials: Understanding that users may range from seasoned professionals to novices in video production, PTZOptics has equipped the MOVE 4K with an updated Web UI that is both comprehensive and user-friendly. This interface provides easy access to a wide range of features and settings, all organized in a simple and intuitive menu.

Furthermore, recognizing the challenges that novice producers might face, nearly every feature in the Web UI comes with a tutorial function. These tutorials are invaluable for those who are navigating the settings for the first time, offering step-by-step guidance to ensure that users can make the most out of the camera’s capabilities. This educational approach not only enhances user experience but also empowers producers to experiment and optimize their setups.

The PTZOptics MOVE 4K with its Presenter Lock™ technology and user-friendly interface is a testament to PTZOptics’ commitment to innovation and accessibility in video production technology. Whether behind the scenes or right in the heart of the action, this camera ensures that capturing high-quality, focused footage is more achievable than ever.

In the next section, we’ll delve deeper into how to utilize the MOVE 4K’s auto-tracking features to their fullest potential, ensuring your production captures every important moment with clarity and precision.

Turning Off Display Info and Disabling Bounding Boxes in PTZOptics MOVE 4K

For video production professionals and enthusiasts alike, maintaining visual clarity and a clean output is paramount. The PTZOptics MOVE 4K camera offers advanced options to enhance the viewer’s experience by allowing users to turn off display information and disable bounding boxes.

1. Turning Off Display Information: At times, on-screen display information, while useful for the operator, can be distracting for the audience. The MOVE 4K addresses this by providing an option to turn off this display information in the OSD (On Screen Display) menu. This feature is particularly beneficial during live streaming or recording, where a clean, uncluttered visual is essential. By disabling these overlays, users can ensure that the final footage is as clear and immersive as possible, focusing solely on the content itself.